Prof. Bert Wolfs

Prof. Bert Wolfs

SBS Swiss Business School

Dr. Bert H.A. Wolfs is a distinguished academic leader and business professional with a robust background in management education and business consultancy. As the Dean of SBS Swiss Business School, Dr. Wolfs has been instrumental in developing the institution's curriculum and enhancing its international reputation since 1999. With dual Swiss and Belgian nationality, he brings a multicultural perspective to his roles in academia and business.

Dr. Wolfs earned his Doctor of Letters in Management from Sri Vijayanagara S.K. University in India and holds a Ph.D. in Higher Educational Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands, USA. His educational journey also includes an MDP from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Ph.D. in Management from American University, USA.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wolfs has held various key positions including President of the Board of Directors at CSW Chicken Service Wolfs Belgium and Academic Director at FESC Sarl in Switzerland. His teaching experience spans globally, having been a professor and thesis mentor in MBA and EMBA programs across Europe, Asia, and North America. He specializes in New Venture Creation and International Business and has been recognized as a top professor in these fields.

Dr. Wolfs is an active member of several international chambers of commerce and academic boards, reflecting his deep commitment to the business and academic communities. His publications and research focus on global business ethics, management education, and the role of higher education in business practices.

Recognized for his visionary leadership and dedication to fostering educational excellence, Dr. Wolfs continues to contribute to the field through speaking engagements, seminars, and as a consultant on emerging market strategies and educational development.

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