Dr. Gregor Vulturius

Gregor Vulturius is a Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute and Head of Operations and Engagement of the Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre. Gregor has close to ten years of experience in working as a researcher on climate change and sustainable finance. He holds a PhD in Geosciences from the University of Edinburgh
In March 2018, the European Commission launched its Action Plan to Finance Sustainable Growth. The plan is seen as the most comprehensive and ambitious policy package across the globe to mobilise financial markets for the sustainability transition. During his presentation “The Reflections of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan and Green Deal”, Gregor will discuss the potential impact of the EU Plan on the sustainability of financial markets and the greater economy, as well as to explore ways in which it can be improved or extended. He will also share insights how the EU’s Green Deal may further accelerate sustainable investments and its implications for EU member countries.