1.       Authors must supply a structured abstract set out under 4-7 sub-headings:

    • Purpose (mandatory) (What are the reason(s) for writing the paper or the aims of the research
    • Design/methodology/approach (mandatory) (How are the objectives achieved? Include the main method(s) used for the research. What is the approach to the topic and what is the theoretical or subject scope of the paper?)
    • Findings (mandatory) (What was found in the course of the work? This will refer to analysis, discussion, or results).
    • Research limitations/implications (if applicable) (If research is reported on in the paper this section must be completed and should include suggestions for future research and any identified limitations in the research process).
    • Practical implications (if applicable) (What outcomes and implications for practice, applications and consequences are identified? How will the research impact upon the business or enterprise? What changes to practice should be made as a result of this research? What is the commercial or economic impact? Not all papers will have practical implications.)
    • Social implications (if applicable) (What will be the impact on society of this research? How will it influence public attitudes? How will it influence (corporate) social responsibility or environmental issues? How could it inform public or industry policy? How might it affect quality of life? Not all papers will have social implications).
    • Originality/value (mandatory) (What is new in the paper? State the value of the paper and to whom).

Maximum is 250 words in total.

Please provide up to six keywords which encapsulate the principal topics of the paper (Using keywords is a vital part of abstract writing, because of the practice of retrieving information electronically: keywords act as the search term).

2. Full paper must be formatted according to Author Guidelines

Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Business Management (ISSN: 1691-5348; indexed in EBSCO and Copernicus, featuring DOI (mEDRA)).

The best quality papers will be recommended for publication in the Baltic Journal of Management (ISSN: 1746-5265; indexed in SCOPUS), the Eurasian Economic Review and the Eurasian Business Review (Springer journals, indexed in Web of Science, ESCI).

Having received notification of their paper’s acceptance, the author(s) guarantee that the submitted paper has not been published, accepted for publication, or is under consideration for publication elsewhere.