CONFERENCE THEMES INCLUDE (but are not limited to)

The socio-economic system – growing instability  

  • The role of government in the development of the business environment
  • Disruptive technological innovations on the horizon
  • Corporate social initiatives and responsibility
  • Ethics and responsible management
  • The smart city and urban design
  • Marketing for society
  • Sustainability policy and practice in economics and the social sciences

Finance system

  • Discovering what the future of finance looks like
  • Finance, the economy and business as factors for a sustainable society
  • The challenges of cryptocurrencies and new financial platforms
  • Blockchain technology as a driver for innovations in the finance sector
  • Finance disrupted and fintech as a threat to banks

Strategic management in an uncertain and connected world

  • Innovative strategies for sharing financial, informational, and capital assets
  • Crowdfunding and open innovation
  • Cooperative strategies for exchanging knowledge
  • M&A, alliances, networking, and corporate venturing to renew and redeploy capabilities
  • Challenges and opportunities from increasing digitization and social media
  • Governance and company performance
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Challenges and opportunities related to technology usage

  • The influence of technological enablers such as cloud computing, robotics, and analytics on business-critical decisions
  • Information and communication technology as a driver for business evolution
  • Audio-visual art – data visualisation as an innovative solution
  • Creative industries and art as a resource for sustainability
  • Innovative media and communication
  • Design thinking

Prospective business fields

  • Internationalisation of entrepreneurship as a trend for start-ups and SMEs
  • Social entrepreneurship for society
  • Family entrepreneurship
  • The smart city and spatial architecture

Innovation at the firm level

  • Firm-level innovation models, emerging organisational models
  • Measuring firm-level innovations
  • Management competences, skills and education for leadership
  • Challenges in human resource management and team performance management
  • Innovative methodologies for sustainable project management
  • Project management education

We welcome case studies and teaching notes on expected and unexpected challenges and opportunities, sustainability initiatives, practice, and business models, and any other issues.

Papers submitted by 21 February 2019 will participate in the competition for the Best Paper Award.


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