The theme of ASBBMC2017

Our world is currently going through a time of serious instability. Political and macroeconomic fluctuations, environmental and societal changes, radical innovations, Brexit and the migration crisis, innovative business models and unprecedented customer behavior. How can an organisation survive in this turbulent environment, creating, maintaining and managing organisational sustainability? What environmental, economic, technological and societal changes are helping us reach sustainability at the macro, meso and micro level?
This conference aims to bring together researchers, faculty, and doctoral students to exchange and share their experiences, ideas, and research results about all aspects for creating sustainable organisations and discussing the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.
The conference is held every year to make it an ideal platform for strategic international networking and the perfect place to present your research results, innovations and projects in various areas.

CONFERENCE THEMES INCLUDE (but are not limited to)
Environmental Sustainability
• The role of government in stabilising the business environment
• Finance, economy and business as factors for a sustainable society
• Disruptive technological innovations
• Innovative business models for sustainability
• Sustainable city and urban design
Sustainability Policy and Practice in Economics and Social Science
• Sustainability initiatives at the governmental and public level
• Corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, strategic practice and
• Corporate social initiatives and responsibility
• Ethics and responsible management
• Creative industries and art as a resource for sustainability
• Marketing for society
• Design thinking
Sustainable Entrepreneurship
• Internationalisation of entrepreneurship as a trend for start-ups and SMEs
• Social entrepreneurship for society
• Family entrepreneurship in transition economies
Organisational Behaviour as a Sustainable Initiative
• Emerging organisational models
• Management competences, skills and education for leadership in a
volatile environment
• Human resource management and team performance management
• Media and communication, engaging employees to ensure
organisation’s sustainability
• PRIME CEE Chapter

We welcome case studies and teaching notes on sustainability
initiatives, practice, and business models and any other issues
pertainig to sustainability.

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